Review: E!’s New Show “Rich KIds Of Beverly Hills”

by Tycho Cortese


From left to right: Roxy Sowlaty, Johnny Drubel, Dorothy Wang, Morgan Stewart, Brendan Fitzpatrick

The brand new show on E! called “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” follows the lives of five, you guessed it, rich kids from the 90210 and it’s definitely one of my favorites. The stars of the show are Roxy Sowlaty, Morgan Stewart and her boyfriend Brendan Fitzpatrick, Dorothy Wang, and Johnny Drubel. Each of them with lots of personality and even more money.

They’re living the dream life, having been born with getting everything they wanted and growing up with that privilege too. That’s not all there is too them though, each of them have some sort of hobby, education, talent or career. Roxy studied Interior Design at Parsons in New York City and is a successful Interior Designer now, Johnny Drubel is a successful music producer, Dorothy Wang is “funemployed” and now works as a real estate agent at The Agency, Morgan Stewart runs her popular blog “Boobs and Loubs” and her boyfriend Brendan Fitzpatrick is a longtime real estate agent, also at The Agency. They all have some sort of skills, while RKOBH shows that just because you rich doesn’t mean that you’re completley dumb and greedy. All of them have been close friends for many, many years too, even going back into their teens, so all of their relationships are real.

Although it’s very vain, and just slightly unattainable, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills is a really funny show and it always ends with me excited for the next episode!

-Have a classy day, Tycho.

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